Stair-Rover Skateboard

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This thing for skateboard lovers, produced by STAIR-ROVER Ltd Its 8-wheeled chassis is designed for urban terrain and glides down stairs and significantly reduce the impact from rough surfaces. The wheels bounce up and down independently and conform to the shape of each step.balanced and gives you a butter-smooth ride to the bottom.

• A ply maple deck with handle for easy carrying
• Custom 50 degree aluminum trucks for more turning
• Heavy duty and flexible V-frames (load up to 1000kg)
• Engineering thermoplastic chassis with shock absorbers for enjoyable ride
• 8 wheels, 60mm 80a super high rebounce
• Weighs just 4 kg / 9 lbs
• Length: 80cm | Width: 25cm | Height: 12cm


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NULL The electric and super-compact design car

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The electric and super-compact design car of the future, beautiful and futuristic design by Jeongche Yoon. This is the Null, a mobile widget concept for next generation EV (Electric Vehicle) has been designed as solution to save energy and space. Inspired by smart phone industry based on the open-source marketing of app store, this is more like hardware that you put on your car to make it do more.

This is exciting new opportunities for automobile industry to establish a clean and creative design for the future society.

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Pliable Wood and Hard Metal Mouse

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This computer mouse is so cool, from design, idea and comfort. The main idea is the combination of two materials with different qualities and texture: warm pliable wood and cold hard metal. Exterior of the mouse corresponds to the qualities of the materials: based on hard metallic frame, a kind of skeleton, which houses electronic plate, buttons and drive of the rolling wheel.
The design consider that the objects of our environment, that can be really comfortable, pleasant and friendly to our eye, look like this; we would be happy to own and work with this nice and original instrument. Designed by Andrey Chirkov, the mouser (that how the mouse is called I suppose) is made in two materials with different qualities and texture. Not made for serial production initially, therefore we have no details on the price of the mouse.


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Eyeglasses by Zenni Optical

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One of the most important organs for human is the eyes, if you have eye problems or you are not confident with your eyes then wear a glass eye is one of the answer. Many people spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars for his eye care likes to choose a frame design that suitable with their personality and lifestyle or add prescription lenses with a high-tech coating. But why should spend a lot of money if you can get it all with the cheap price. 

According to an article from The New York Times titled Seeing Straight Without Breaking the Bank, if you want a cheap pair of eyeglasses, just try, which sells generic frames, including lenses with anti scratch coating online from $ 8, that is the cheapest offer at this time considering the frame average price is $ 118 on the eye care market.  

So many models of eyeglasses you can select, eyeglasses with single vision lens, tinted sunglasses lens, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. To me Acetate Frame #4412 is the best because the design is cool and stylish. So, if you want to find the best eyeglasses, is the answer. What you are waiting for, just contact us immediately.

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The Orbitwheel

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New era for skateboard, maybe in the future skateboard is useless, the Orbitwheel is a brand new concept for wheeled sports. 

The design is simple: two feet, two wheels... and you're ready to go. The Orbitwheel's concept is basic, but with the wheels whirling around your feet, you are capable of countless tricks and maneuvers that can be as complex and creative as you can come up with.

With the Orbitwheel's minimalistic design, fun and transportation have never been so portable and convenient. The large wheel radius enables you to enjoy the Wheelblazer on a variety of different surfaces. The two thin, light wheels require no folding down or taking apart, making them easy to slip into a backpack or carry in your hand. And when you're ready to get going again, you don't need to fuss with buckles and flaps - just step into the hoops and take off.

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Find and Make Your Own Plates

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Do you need an unique Private Number Plates, Personalized Number Plates, Number Plates or Car Registrations for your vehicle. Just visit this site, we will help you to find the suitable private number plates for you. Just enter your criteria private number plates that you want like your initials, name, nickname or car model at our search box. Enjoy your private number plates.

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The Coolest Bridge

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The coolet bridge In Leeuwarden, Netherlands they enjoy the comforts of a robotic overlord controlling a road bridge. It looks less like a bridge than a giant transformer crouching next to the river, holding down a thin spatula of road surface. From the road lines on the bridge arm it looks like cars just drive over the entire surface of the thing. It’s a smart solution for a small bridge, even though its size is a bit ungainly, and they somehow thought painting cute post-modern pastel colors was interesting.

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