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When the robots rise, they'll likely come in the form of giant, goose-stepping cock roaches. Don't believe us? Just check the 32-inch, 44-pound Halluc II which features the ability to walk or roll via a simple rotation of its jointed appendages. This 8-legged vermin is powered by the screams of children and the Linux-beast within. When things get out of hand, you'll want to aim your slingshot at its 800MHz AMD Geode central processing unit and hope for the best. Now go ahead and click through for some video of it bewildered by the flashing camera lights in some makeshift, Japanese LSD lab. It's always a good idea to study your enemy before the big fight.

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Brando's versatile universal solar charger

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Relying on the sun to juice up your gadgetry is nothing new, but Brando has deviated from its cockamamie ways a bit and actually cranked out a product that is remarkably useful. The Universal Solar Charger was designed to fit neatly in your knapsack whilst traveling and provide power to any number of mobile devices via the use of adapters. Users can rely on sunlight or default to an AC outlet if stuck indoors, and most notably, the switchable voltage function allows you to handle a vast array of devices without damaging any circuitry. Unfortunately, the status quo of sub-$30 or so for a Brando gizmo has been shattered by this one, but if you're a worldwide traveler looking for portable (and renewable) power, $69 still ain't too bad.
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Rocobo perfects the "annoying robot" concept

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Filed under: The Roboco is a robot toy that seems to exist for no other purpose than to annoy flesh-based lifeforms, with its whole premise being to "react" to the owner's mood. For example, if you're angry and shout at it, it'll flap its wings and aggravate you even more: if you're nice and stroke it, it'll aggravate you again by "singing," or displaying a smile graphic -- let's just say at least it can't compose lullabies. At ¥1,130 (under $9) it won't exactly break the bank, but if you're just going to throw it out the window within five minutes of buying it, you might as well hold onto your bucks.

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Virtual Wide Screenfor iPod

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This innovation just can use if you have video at your iPod.This item like 3D glasses that can be headset and screen tosee your video.

Myvo Solo can use for iPod version 30GB, 60GB dan 80GB. Features at this gadget: in-ear noise-reducing earbuds, controller video and audio, protection from microfiber and lens protection.

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ZAP announces mysterious high-performance electric car

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ZAP (which stands for Zero Air Pollution) announced another new entry to its electric car stable, an as-yet-unnamed sedan that will apparently sell for $30,000. The California based company claims their new model will reach a top speed of 100 mph, and will have a 100-mile range between charges. But here's where this story gets really interesting: ZAP announced a different model back in January which still hasn't seen the light of day, and AutoblogGreen questions whether the company has been using press releases as a method of increasing their stock price for short term cash-flow. Competitors like Tesla have prototypes on the road, but no such luck with ZAP, which certainly raises a number of questions, and definitely gets you thinking about the word vaporware.
Read -- ZAP press release
Read -- AutoblogGreen's take on ZAP
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Minox debuts waterproof DC 6033 WP, slim DC 7022

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Next time you're "under the sea" and want to try and snap some photos of Flounder, Scuttle or Sebastian, you'll be all set thanks to Minox and its DC 6033 WP watertight camera (pictured above). The 6 megapixel, waterproof (to ten meters) camera features a MINOCTAR fixed lens, SD card support, and 16MB of onboard flash memory.

For those of you remaining on dry land, Minox offers the DC 7022, a 7 megapixel camera with 4x optical zoom and an extra large 3-inch TFT screen. The 7022 is sized along the lines of a Canon Digital Elph, in that it's small enough to keep in your pocket, and features ISO settings from 50 to 1600, SD card support, and 32MB of flash memory. Both cameras use PictBridge technology, allowing direct from camera printing, and have USB connectivity. No word yet on pricing or street date.

[Via LetsGoDigital]
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Raon Everun UMPC

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Raon keluarkan Everun STD dan Lite. Ultra minci PC hanya memiliki berat 0.5kg, ketahanan 12 jam dengan baterai besar, 4.8" LCD WVGA 800xx480, WIFI b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, option HSDPA/Wibro, Qwerty keyboard

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Sharp's KD-E1: the e-dictionary for your offspring

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We've always wondered why companies kept cranking out e-dictionaries for the demographic too proud to actually bust one out in public and get their learning on, but Sharp is making amends by offering up a new model in the KIDSDIC series. The KD-E1 arrives in a colorful orange and white enclosure, and features an internal speaker, headphone jack, color display, several mini-games, stories, and songs to keep your kid intrigued in between vowels. Judging by the button layout, it looks like this is a Korean-only gizmo for the time being, but those in Seoul can try to convince their kids that this is cooler than a PSP for a stiff ₩365,000 ($397).

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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Foleo: New Innovation from Palm

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The leader of moving gadget Palm now spread their product not just PDA, they was launched Foleo: The gadget like notebook with smaller size and use Linux for the operating system.
This gadget is improvement from telephone Palm Treo that can use for checking email, internet and many more.
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