Internet Browser

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Many internet browser can we use to surfing at internet. This is some browser that we can download for free.
  • Safari (runs on OS X, iPhone and is new to Windows)
  • Firefox (general purpose with the most plug-ins)
  • Opera (supports torrents, handles e-mail and runs on mobile devices)
  • Konqueror (dual purpose file manager)
  • Seamonkey (includes HTML editor and e-mail client)
  • Flock (social networking)
Try them and get the better browser for you...
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Choose Printer

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Before get printer, we must know how much money we want to spend. Make the amount realistic for what you want. Then choose type of printer according your purpose, for home users who print documents occasionally and for various purposes such as school projects, a color ink printer would be sufficient. The entire family will enjoy the color output. For office users who print daily, the speed and reliability of a laser printer will be appreciated. For a well-budgeted office, it's recommended to have both types of printers to meet the requirements of different purposes.

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Your Own Theater

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For smoker, it's hard to sit at theater to see movie without smoking. If you want smoking at theater while watch the movie you can create your own theater at home. You can buy projector to create private theater. The next question is type of projector which you should pick? What brand is best, what's the difference between resolutions?
The first step to get projector is make sure you have the space and money needed! Projectors can be pretty expensive, especially if you want one of the newest models. Price can range anywhere from just under $1000 to well above $7500 or more. Check around for deals. Oftentimes it's possible to get last year's model for much cheaper than the newest one on the market.

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Turnoff Windows Sound

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When you use those computers, you don't have to endure those inconvenient Windows sounds. You can switch them off during your start-up if you find them annoying.
  • Go to the Start menu on the left-hand side of your computer screen.
  • Click "Control Panel" in the right column.
  • Click on "Sounds and Audio Devices" within the control panel. Note: these choices are in order. It looks like a miniature black speaker.
  • Search click "Start Windows," and select "None" from the drop-down box. And,"Windows Logoff" and select "none".
  • There you can change the sound with your favorite sound.

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Get Right Notebook

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Today's laptops are much more powerful than even the hottest desktop computers, they're also lighter and much more stylish. Before buy laptop, read this list to get right laptop.
  • Choose one that feels sturdy, solid and not too heavy
  • Choose a laptop with at least two USB 2 connections
  • Pay attention to screen size and resolution
  • Check to see if the laptop has built in wireless capabilities, this is important for you that need online at internet.
  • Check to see if the laptop has a DVD Burner
  • Get an anti theft device
  • Choose laptop that have service center at your city

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Plasma Vs LCD

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Plasma and LCD TVs look the same, but they are not. Some features or options don't differ a lot, but these are the major differences:


If you arfe looking for an extra large TV, go for a plasma. Plasma TVs are the current size champions, particularly when comparing TVs that consumers can easily purchase. LCDs are catching up in size with their developing technology, however, and may surpass Plasmas in the near future. This may be due to difficulties in producing glass large enough for larger plasmas.


With the latest plasma technology, this is less of an issue than ever before. The Pixel Orbitor, for example, is a method of reducing burn-in used by plasma manufacturers. It requires no additional programing from the end user as some older burn-in prevention techniques did.
Note: If you plan to use a plasma for gaming, some games with permanent 'dashboards' may still cause some burn-in. If you will be using the television for display use only, go for an LCD. Plasmas are more likely to get burned-in pixels.


- LCD TVs are far less fragile than plasmas. This is also an advantage when the tv set has to be shipped or moved to a different location.

- LCD TVs are also much easier to install than plasma TVs.

- LCD TVs have a better performance at high altitudes.

- LCD TVs are often cheaper than plasma TVs. The difference in pricing is getting smaller, however.

Ofcourse, all this information is available all over the web. For a detailed comparison sheet, I recommend using Wikipedia's comparison sheet.

Flat Screen TV comparison, don’t get it wrong

If you have made a choice between plasma and LCD (I'll name it Flat screen TV from now on), you can pick a TV of your choice. Flat screen TV comparison will able you to find out exactly what you want and what’ll fit the budget.


The following brands are being considered as the best manufacturers of Flat screen TVs:

- Hitachi

- Panasonic

- Philips

- Pioneer

- Samsung

If you are looking for a product with outstanding quality, we recommend choosing one of these brands.


Different Flat screen TVs have different features. Most of these features look the same, but there are a couple of unique features as well:

- Ambilight

- HD ready or not?

- Picture in Picture

There are lots of comparison website available, but you will have to know how to use them. Filter the models by brand, price and features and the choice will be a lot easier.

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Plasma TV - Introduction

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Plasmas perform extraordinarily well under most ambient light conditions. Very bright light does not wash out the image on the screen. The beauty of these flat screens is that, unlike front view projection screens, you don't have to turn off the lights to see the image clearly and easily. Therefore, plasmas are excellent for video conferencing and other presentation needs, which require the lights to remain on.

Another characteristic of a plasma panel is the extreme viewing angles both vertically and horizontally. With 160 degrees viewing angle, people sitting off to the side of the plasma screen will still be able to see the image without losing any of it.

Plasmas tend to be very lightweight in comparison to similar sized standard display monitors and television screens.

No existing display system can compete with the low depths available in plasma panels. The thinness of theses systems allows for the monitors to be placed virtually anywhere. Some plasma panels are known to be as thin as 3.5 inches deep.

They can be hung on walls, mounted to ceilings, flush wall mounted or placed on a tabletop. Many mount manufacturers are designing more creative ways to mount plasma panels because of the ease of engineering involved.

Plasma panels are also not affected by magnetic fields.

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Defragment Computer

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'Defragmenting' is one way to keep your computer running smoothly, for windows user can try this step to 'defragment' computer.
  • Go to start, all programs, accessories, system tools and click disk defragmenter.
  • At this point you’ll get a window with two options, analyze and defragment. Click “defragment” and this action may take a long time, the longer it takes the “worse” your drive was!
  • Restarting your computer

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Digital Cameras Basic

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There are so many different types and manufacturers of digital cameras today that it can be tough to make a decision. Before buy digital camera, it is important to understand your requirements from a digital camera. Do you just need the camera for website images? If so, you don’t need to buy the highest resolution camera. Do you plan to print your images? If so, what is the largest size print you will need? Are you looking for a camera to replace your old film camera? Do you need different lenses? Ask these and other questions that will help you refine your needs. Understanding your requirements will help you negotiate their sales pitches.

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Apple wants your iPod to stop charging for thieves

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Hey, it's no shocker that Apple's iPod is a coveted item even for those who acquire their wares in less than legal manners, but a recent patent application from Apple shows that someone at Cupertino cares about you rightful owners out there. Essentially, the technology would invoke a "guardian" recharge circuit, which would disable any further charging if the computer (or "other recharger") it was paired with was of the unauthorized variety. According to Apple, this type of limitation would "serve as a deterrent to theft," and while we can only assume that it would be applied first to the iPhone and iPod, the application does insinuate that other handheld, rechargeable devices could eventually benefit from the invention.

[Via Slashdot]

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France planning to 'triple' CCTV surveillance capacity

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At least those residing in the UK can breathe a momentary sigh of relief, as it's not the only locale where the amount of surveillance drones is quickly approaching the number of citizens. Reportedly, French interior minister Michele Alliot-Marie recently announced that the government is planning to "triple" the existing CCTV surveillance capacities across the country, "with a view to curb the risks of terrorism and acts of violence." Beyond just bumping the amount of eyes scanning for troublemakers, she also suggested that the network of systems be more tightly connected in order to effectively "protect the French people and enable them to move freely without fearing for their lives or property." Of course, we're sure there's quite a few citizens who'd have beef with the whole "moving freely sans fear" tidbit, no?

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