Fire Ants Control

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Many people interfere with fire ants, fire ants are known for their lively and aggressive behavior, They will damage crops and electrical equipment, make human spending much money each year in repairs. Fire ant bites often leave a burning and itching sensation, If you wish to keep fire ant activity to a minimum just visit This site will explain all of the basic information you'll need to know and more, how to eliminate fire ants mounds, bait treatments, etc. 

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Smallest Computer

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Every once in a while, you want some space on your desk and you wish your desktop PC was smaller. The Fit-PC Slim may be the smallest computer of all, as it measures 4.3 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches. 

Not only is it the smallest, but it might be the most energy efficient yet as it uses only 6 watts of power. It weighs in at a light 13 ounces.  So what is inside it? It has processor of an AMD Geode LX800 500MHz, 512MB RAM, plus the option of a 2.5 hard drive. The Fit-PC is set up for Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, and for VGA output. 

You should be able to do a little bit of email, web browsing, or word processing, but it will probably remind you back in the days of old school IBMs. Still, how many PC’s can you stuff in the back of your pocket? Now, if you had a pocket big enough for a widescreen monitor, you will be set. 

The price for the 256MB configuration without WiFi is about $220. The 512MB version that is without Wi-Fi and hard drive will run about $245. There are other versions that include a 60MB hard drive and 512M of RAM ($295) or Linux or Windows XP ($335). 


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Review your Website

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Talk Reviews is the right place for you to get information or review about all sites on the 
web, before you visit the site you can read description about the site first. Talk Reviews can inform to you about top websites that you must visit. The information about the site including traffic stats, page rank, alexa rank, link stats, and much more. For example, if user want to know! just tipe the site and Talk Reviews would give you stats about this site, like google page rank 3, good alexa rank and link stats. Users can openly give opinions about their like or dislike websites. User Website Reviews is reflection of a website's strengths or shortcomings.

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Ride in the nigth

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Like to ride your bike after the sun sets? Confused as to why trucks don’t seem to notice your pleads for attention and keep slamming your bones around the city streets? Well if you like life and don’t want to die while cruising down the avenues after dark, this bike design by Rudi Moosmeier called “Tong City Bike” just might be all the vehicular enlightenment you’ll need. The designer’s concerns for your safety have manifested in this brilliant (pun intended) bike design that is not only low maintenance, but also safe and secure. The low maintenance aspect is in the all-in-one housing for the brake system, drivetrain, shock absorbers and gears. The safe aspect comes from the use of integrated light tubes that can be customized to any color you desire, making you a more obvious target. Last but not least, this rolling rig even comes with a mini lockable safe, for storing your mobile phone, wallet, light saber or Batphones.


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Goth scene

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If you are Gothic people and like to chat and meet with others, just visit On this site, you will find a thousand of goth man and goth women that you can share your interests, problems, music and spirit or even the perfect darkchylde to bring back to your lair. Join the hundreds of thousands who have already made this dark little corner of the net their homeSignup for completely free membership right now and start seeing and communicating with all of the users on this website now!

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Peugeot Dauphin

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Peugeot Dauphin is a pure electric vehicle. It can be charged at home just like a cellular phone and the full charge takes just a little over six hours. For recharging just drive the Peugeot Dauphin for top of the Dock/ Recharging Station. The Peugeot Dauphin was designed/ created to be a smart vehicle with a high rate cost efficient and not to harm by any way the environment. An Electric vehicle with two magnetic motors designed to run almost noiselessly for as far as 300 kilometers on one charge. The electric motors are housed inside the vehicle rear wheels. Two Magnetic motors which are hybrid between electromagnets and permanent magnets.

The Dauphin was designed to reach up speeds of 150 kilometers per hour. The reason which the vehicle is to be build with composite materials, carbon staple fibers with matrixes of bismaleimid and Epoxi resin. To guarantee high performances and safety standards with a very low weight structure. The Dauphin communicates wirelessly with your home computer ( internet server ), and you can receive information when ever you need it, maps, directions, phone calls… see it in dauphin incorporated wind-shield monitor and interact with it with the joystick / steering wheel special buttons


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Find your fitness date

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Are you fitness guys or fitness girls and you like to makes some friends or a date? If you are, just visit On the site, you will be able find a thousand of profiles of fit singles that want to date other fitness freaks around the world. You can chat and meet with person that you like, what’s important is that an activity is found that both of you like to do. Sign up now! and find your date in this site.

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Amphibious Kick Scooter

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Amphibious kick scooter - one that functions as a electric kick scooter on land and a propulsion aid in water. The designing of this product across two very different environment gave rise to alot of difficulties as well as opportunities. The product is designed to maximise user experiences through a few design approaches. On land it functions as a normal electric kick scooter with 2 hub motors housed within the wheels itself. In water it acts as a propulsion aid as the propellers attached wheels pushes water out in one singular direction and thus propelling the product across water.


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BPOVIA Virtual Assistant Service

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BPOVIA is one of the earliest Virtual Assistant outsourcing service provider operated in China. We provide virtual assistant service, China marketing development, China trade show service and China sourcing consulting to clients all around the world. We can do all kinds task data entry, office work that requires more advanced skills like website design, graphic design, internet research, etc. BPOVIA associates are experienced professionals with very extensive business experience. Combining business acumen with technical savvy, we offer the best price to quality ratio of service available globally.

Why use BPOVIA Virtual Assistant Service? A lot of reason why you must use our service, with BPOVIA virtual assistant service you can cut your labor cost, you can Improve your flexibility, BPOVIA is one stop solution for you task and we would give you high data security.  With $10 USD hourly service rate, you can hire a talent with various working skills such as website designing, graphic designing as well as office administration.

BPOVIA Ltd. takes the privacy of your personal information very seriously, to open an account, you must provide your name, address, phone number, valid e-mail address. We uses your information to process applications, complete transactions, respond to your requests, deliver the services in which you enroll or for which you apply, and notify you of special offers that we think may interest you. You can contact us via e-mail, telephone and instant messenger to provide requested services and to resolve customer complaints, all correspondence with BPOVIA agents via telephone is recorded and stored in the records of your account. Sign up now! BPOVIA is your one-stop outsourcing solution.

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Electric City Car

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A team of researchers at the MIT’s media lab are busy developing a prototype of lightweight stackable electric cars that could help overcome the congestion problem. The prototype vehicle dubbed the City Car could be folded and stacked at central sites.

The City Car will be powered by a robotic drive system transformed from the lowly wheel. Each wheel will integrate an electric motor, steering and braking machinery, suspension, and digital controls. All these would be merged into sealed entities that could be snapped on and off.

The City Car will start at the mere press of a button and will boast a handlebar instead of a steering wheel. Lightweight material like Kevlar or carbon fiber will make the body of the car. The notion of the City Car was devised as part of a strategy for plummeting carbon emissions.

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meet compatible black singles

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Are you black males or black females and need to find someone you like and want to get to know better, just visit this site. Black Scene site was designed to provide a simple and fun atmosphere for black singles, you can search for black singles in your city or from anywhere in the world. Whether you're looking for a long term relationship, or just a pen pal, Black Scene is a cool place to meet. Join us at Black Scene and give yourself the best opportunity to meet compatible black singles. 

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Hitch a Ride

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A belt with three GIANT suction cups for you to hitch onto anything. That’s exactly what the Hitch concept is by designer Robert Nightingale. He believes in a free world where opportunistic travelers just latch themselves onto moving vehicles. The triple load vacuum suction cups are strong enough to keep you from flying off. As the designer puts it. . .

For best results position yourself at traffic lights, railway stations or air hangers. Subtly wait for the opportune moment (which is precisely 7 seconds before the initial point of acceleration) and attach the product as firmly as possible to the host vehicle (a brief run up usually does the trick), paying attention to ground clearance for ones feet and enjoy the ride…

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Asian Matching

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Asian Matching is the best Asian dating and Asian personals website where Asian singles can to chat, meet and date. Asian Matching is a popular online Asian dating site among eligible Asian singles, they offer the latest technology search to make your search fun and easy. Find your friends, a date, love and than marriage. Create your Asian dating personals profile today and start meeting singles men and women in their area or far away.

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The Big Hug Adhesive Cell Phone Holder

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The Big Hug Adhesive Cell Phone Holder wants to give you a hand. Two hands actually. Two big ol’ purple palms giving the love to your cell phone with a big hug. The backside has adhesive tape so you can stick it on your windshield, dashboard, air vent, desks, headboard or anywhere else you’d want to have your phone hugged. You can feel safe because Big Hug’s soft rubber hands won’t scratch your phone, he just wants to give your phone a love hug because Big Hug loves your phone. And at just $3.99 big hugs from Big Hug are cheap hugs!

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Black Chat City

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If you are looking for Black Chat Rooms that are not only enjoyable, interactive and fun, but also 
stimulating then look no further. At Black Chat City we have created a Black singles network that 
extends across the whole world. This site lists a selection of free online chat rooms for Black people from Black African people to African American and Caribbean people dating for all. Sign up for free, it's so simple and fun!

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Fast Food USB Memory

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Fast Food USB Memory: Burger 1GB
USB2.0/1.1 Maximum speed 480Mbps
OS: Windows Vista 32bit / XP (SP2) / 2000 SP4
Size/Weight: 51x32.5x28.5mm; 40g
Price : $45.68


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Goth Chat City

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Welcome to the Goth Chat City area. The Goth Chat Rooms are one of the many completely free features available within Goth Passions. Signup as a member of the site, build a custom profile and avatar, It's quick and easy to join and after that enjoy to viewing and communicating with all the users from everywhere in the world. Hop on your internet cam and show tons of people talk and see you while you check out their webcam! Have fun!

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Football urinal sieve

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It will make men’s hearts leap and make the women’s league give a loud groan.

"klokicker – the footaball-urinal-sieve" ...
... is a green plastic inset for a urinal, 
with a football goal installed on top.

A football dangles in front of the goal.
The accuracy the male guests are capable of is now on the line and they have to "KICK" the ball into the goal.

Bull’s eye! And the ball changes colorur.
A lot of fun for top goal scorers!

Ideal for:
:: Football clubs :: Sports clubs :: Stadiums
:: Fanclubs :: Fan bars :: Bars
:: Discotheques :: Hotels :: Restaurants
:: Airports :: Train stations :: Camping sites
:: Beer gardens :: and many others.


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Emo Chat City

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Hi Emo, welcome our emo chat city! Are you looking for Emo friends to share your sadness or anything else or perhaps a looking for a lover? Some Comfort? This is the right place! Chat! Let your feelings come out, talk about them on our emo chat rooms! And chat with your Emo friends from around the world on our chat! In here there are people that are much like you, that understand you, need to talk register now and start viewing and talking to all the users on this website today! And it's totally free.

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The Lumix DMC-G1

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Here you are the latest DSLR from Panasonic, yep you are reading it right, a DSLR and not just these small compact one ! The Lumix DMC-G1 is the 2nd DSLR from Pana and now available in 3 different colors with your usual black one but with 2 stylish other ones with a metallic red and blue. As far as the specs are concerned we have here a 12.1Mpix camera with a Live MOS sensor, support an ISO range from 100 to 3200, has a 3” with multi-angles swing and tilt LCD.


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Online Chat City

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Chatting has opened up a whole new world for us to meet online and converse real time about our hobbies, thoughts, and beliefs. checking out Online Chat City where tons of Online users from everywhere in the world joins our online chat rooms just for free! Join our online chat rooms to talk with other people with webcam and have some fun with people all over the world in our free online webcam chats. Free sign up, free membership and It's quick and simple.

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It's time to fly

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Okay, time for something that everybody wants to read about, the jet pack! Back when I was a kid, I longed for the day when everyone would have one of these. Considering that this is the new millennium, I am really disappointed that someone has not mass-marketed these by now. 

I believe that we are well on our way to jet pack proliferation with designer Glenn Martin’s model. It isn’t really a jet pack, per se, because there are no jets involved. Martin uses two gasoline-fueled 200 horsepower fans, which make the jet pack louder than a jet plane.

I suppose the lack of flaming afterburners is why Martin says that his jetpack is the safest. Another reason is that it comes with a built-in parachute, which will hopefully be a standard safety feature for every jetpack. 

I can imagine that machine-assisted flight is probably one of the greatest thrills technology has to offer. It does cost about $250,000, though. 

I hope we will soon come to an era when everybody is flying around on jet packs that are not so expensive. Maybe the skies will be filled with jet packers, and I wonder how long it will take for us to cease to be impressed by it.


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Latina Chat City

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You like to chatting with other people in just moment.? just visit Latina Chat City especially for latinas and latina lovers to meet and chat where plenty of Latina people from all the planet come together in this latina chat rooms and you know what, all this pleasure just for free. Sign up now, create your own profile and avatar, let other people know your age, what you like and dislikes! It's quick and simple.

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Sun System Facial Tanner

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Look like you just came back from a week in Hawaii! Get the perfect tan in the comfort of your home by using the Sun System facial tanner. This home tanning lamp is equipped with four UV lamps for even coloring, and a 30-minute timer to reduce the risk of overexposure. This portable tanning lamp connects to any standard electrical outlet...use the Sun System Facial Tanner while listening to music or talking on the phone. Protective eye goggles are included and required when using the Sun System Facial Tanner.


1. Gives you a great tan at expensive tanning salons.
2. Home tanning lamp has safety shut-off.
3. Protective eye goggles included.
4. Long-lasting lamps provide hundreds of tans.
5. Facial tanner works from any standard outlet.


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Asian Chat City

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Do you like to interact with another people in the world? why not try Asian Chat City! You can talk to millions of people all over the world without having to get up from your seat or pay a telephone charges. You will find a lot of different Free Asian Chat rooms on this site including Asian women chat lines and Asian chat rooms. What are you waiting for, click to create a completely free membership and begin viewing and communicating with all the Asian community!

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The Screaming Skull PS3

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There are plenty of skins you can get for your PS3 if you want to make the device a bit more personable and possibly tacky. And then there is the Screaming Skull Protective Mask Cover which on the other hand, really will add some attitude to your beloved gaming machine. The cover makes your PS3 look like a screaming skull is desperately trying to come out of it. And it’s not like a skin, so it wont leave any sticky residue but it will still protect your baby from scratches. The Screaming Skull Protective Mask Cover retails for just $10.99.

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Divorce Public Records

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Divorce Public Records can help you verify if the subject is legally divorced in county courthouses in The United States. We guarantee that whichever document you desire, we'll find it for you quickly, easily and as cheaply as possible. Users can search by state, county, city, or zip code to get the results they are looking for. Some of the important issues to look for are domestic violence, restraining orders, child custody, property and other settlement issues. Visit this site right now; it’s only a click away!

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Laptop Case and a Pillow

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This is multifunction gadget, The Nap book is a great idea from Icelandic designer Hafsteinn Juliusson. It’s just a standard notebook computer bag/case but its extra thick and fluffy so it can be used as a pillow as well. 

Great for those late night study sessions or if you’re working late in the office and want to catch a quick “refresher” nap or to prop your head up against the window on the train ride home. The top flap on the laptop case is well padded, giving you a nice fluffy spot to lay your head for a quick nap. Although the look of this design does border on goofy, the 
Practical uses for it make it a bit more appealing.

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National Phone Registry

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Hello there...! If you need information about any phone numbers just visit National Phone Registry. They have largest data providers in the United States and Canada; you'll be able to find unlisted phone #'s, prank calls, and other hard to find cell phone owner information. Their repots include owner full name, owner address, relative information, background information and more... easy way and simple.

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Dancing panda with solar cell

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If you’re a collector of dancing panda’s like me, you’ll want to add this one to your collection. This little dancing panda is powered by the sun. Or more likely your office’s overhead fluorescent lighting. A small solar cell on the front collects the light and transforms the solar power into dancing panda power (aka the most powerful thing in the universe). The panda has an on/off switch in case you are overly annoyed by it. Panda power!


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Child Molester List

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Hundreds of convicted child molesters in prisons across America, U.S. Department of Justice indicate that around 14 percent of all previously convicted sex offenders WILL commit another sex related crime. The Registered Child Molester List dedicates to bringing you the most accurate and current information so that you can be aware of and avoid the threats that exist. It is important to understand that you have the right to obtain information regarding the name, address, and place of business for these criminals. If you stay in California State just access California Child Molesters in this site and same way with another state. Keep safe your family with our information.

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Coffin car

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I know many people who would normally doesn't like to see a coffin butin this case a simple mod shows how an old twin-door coffin can be converted to a fun four wheeler. Of course driving around in one of these always poses the risk of you getting locked inside the “car” in a very obnoxious way but these Coffin Cars have all of the leg room you could ever need, just like a formula 1 car. Gothic culture aside, the idea of modding a coffin into a car isn’t that bad of a concept. It’s the perfect hot rod phallic symbol if you leave the whole morbid nightmares behind.

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Find out who is call you

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Are you looking for the best reverse cell phone lookup service? Just visit, our Reverse Mobile Phone Search technology so simple and easy, just enter any cell phone number and you will find out who is call you. Our database is the largest and always up to date for reverse cell phone number lookup across America. Reverse Mobile phone lookup is done to find out the owner of a cell phone mobile number.

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The Parajet Skycar

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The Parajet Skycar will be the first carbon neutral flying car in the world. The Parajet Skycar betweens a dune buggy and a paraglider. The Parajet Skycar powered by a biodiesel-modified Yamaha R1 1000cc motorcycle engine. The motor runs through a Continuously Variable Transmission either to power the rear wheels or to turn a large rear-facing propeller via a belt drive. It's capable of take-off from a field or airstrip in less than 200 metres. 

Should the engine fail, the pilot would simply glide down into the nearest field or strip of sandy desert. In the event of catastrophic wing failure, car connection system failure or mid-air collision, an emergency ballistic reserve parachute can be deployed.The prototype is expected to cost only UK£35,000, Cool!


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Court records from all over the U.S.

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If you need to search about any cases file or document, just visit this site. This site is designed to allow users to search for and obtain court records from all over the U.S. Individuals who seek a particular document or case file will need to put the persons name, city, and state into our Court Records Search tool. We will search our comprehensive database for all the information we can find on that individual and report it back to you. With this site, court users have access to case information in one central location. 

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Toilet Monster

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Your wife or anybody will never yell at you about leaving the seat up again! As the unsuspecting person goes to use the bathroom, they'll scream as they lift the lid and are greeted by the Toilet Monster! He attaches to the inside of the toilet bowl by suction cups. PRICE: $ 17.89

For double the fun, use the Toilet Screamer with the Toilet Monster! Just suction the Toilet Monster to the seat of the toilet and the motion activated Toilet Screamer to the lid. The Toilet Monster now has a voice! And it is oh so screamy! With this great set, you'll have everything you need to scare more than just the pants off of someone! PRICE: $ 24.88

Just for fun....! Not recommended for the elderly or those with a weak heart!

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Get rid of fleas

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If you have pet, fleas problem maybe the most annoy to you. Fleas are one of the most common parasites caught by pets (cat and dog). Their saliva is considered one of the most allergenic substances on earth. Visit this site, they are will give you information on all the products and suggestions for all kinds of ways to get rid of fleas, there are a couple of important flea control products you should look into: the main ones are Frontline, Advantage, Program, and Revolution. Free your pets from now on.

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Reduce the emissions level with this gadget

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The Dogsled is a four-seater pedal vehicle which allows for you and three of your friends to travel together without the need for gas, electricity, or any other power source and no doubt about it that is an efficient way of saving on fuel prices, while at the same time reducing the emissions level of an additional car on the road.

So let’s make this planet a greener place to live, This is truly a great contraption for traveling short distances with your buddies.

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Political Debate Forum

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If you like to talk and debate with other people about anything you want you must visit the Argue with Everyone Discussion Forums. Free speech zone where you can talk and debate topics ranging from gun control to health care to the Iraq war debate, another topics include breaking news, the economy, social issues, religion, and the ongoing 2008 presidential election. Just register your self and after that enter the site and express yourself on whatever issues you feel like talking about.

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Secret Pocket

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Imagine you are traveling and you get pick pocketed. Would be a nightmare, right ? So sometimes it’s important to have some cash saved with you which you can use in such emergencies. 

But the question is where to put this cash so that you can use it anytime when you’re on the road. That’s where these Reef Stash Sandals come into picture which let you store that extra money, safely hidden away from onlookers’ eyes. Also these sandals could come in very handy if you’re going to the beach and don’t want to carry your heavy wallet. But make sure you don’t lose these sandals on the beach


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Find the Owner Phone Number

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If you want to find people in web or if you want to figure out who owns the unrecognizable phone number that's been calling you, Phone Lookup Scan can help to resolve your problems. Just enter any cell phone number or unlisted phone number to find who's the owner that number, and best of all we have this data for every single state and city in the United States. We list below all the states, along with all the exchanges we offer with our services.

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USB Desk Lamp and Speaker

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This USB Desk Lamp doubles up as a speaker as well, with nine bright LED lights to help you read those fine print on your legal documents late into the night. You can choose to hook it up to your computer via USB, or leave it unplugged and let the internal rechargeable batteries get to work instead. 

The pair of speakers are located at the base of the device, but don't expect these to cause a commotion in your room when turned on - it is probably good only for use as a personal speaker minus the bass and all that jazz. The USB Desk Lamp and Speaker will retail for $22.50, coming in pink or green colors.

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Find Your Web Hosting Service

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Web hosting rating is a complete independent guide created and maintained to help you find the right web hosting plan for any site - personal or business. The host rating system is based on the customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and technical support. Web Hosting Rating strive to keep their database always up-to-date. Web Hosting Rating is the biggest searchable web hosting directory featuring complete information on all web hosting providers, their web hosting plans, promotional and discount coupons, and unedited reviews by real customers. Webhostingrating award marks excellence in the field of webhosting by testing web hosting companies on their control panels, network speed/stability, technical support, and dependability; we even poll their current customers. For blogger like me, I need web hosting with nice features, cheap and the control panel is very easy to use, I am just looking at this site and I'll find the best blog hosting for me. 

After discovering the benefits of online marketing, you have decided to get on aboard with an internet-based business of your own. Cheap hosting is the perfect solution for someone just starting out on the net and do not have a lot of capital to put towards their venture. Finding a cheap host is fairly easy. What’s most important is determining exactly what your site needs in order to be successful and then performing the necessary research to determine who meets those needs. This site will answer all your questions.

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Wireless Outdoor Speaker

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This cool, amazing, versatile, splash proof, wireless outdoor speaker with high quality sound and built in night light. The speakers come with a detachable flat base and garden spike, making it adaptable and easy to position in virtually any location. Perfect for parties, relaxing days in the garden, active days in the sun, indoors and out, basically anywhere! 

The main unit is powered by 5 x AA batteries (not included) for approximately 6 hours, and can also be powered from the mains by the 9v adaptor (included). Using the 863 Mhz transmission frequency, the unit has a range of approximately 80 metres (240 feet) from the sender unit.


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