Toilet Monster

Diposting oleh rilexs-tech on Monday, 8 September 2008

Your wife or anybody will never yell at you about leaving the seat up again! As the unsuspecting person goes to use the bathroom, they'll scream as they lift the lid and are greeted by the Toilet Monster! He attaches to the inside of the toilet bowl by suction cups. PRICE: $ 17.89

For double the fun, use the Toilet Screamer with the Toilet Monster! Just suction the Toilet Monster to the seat of the toilet and the motion activated Toilet Screamer to the lid. The Toilet Monster now has a voice! And it is oh so screamy! With this great set, you'll have everything you need to scare more than just the pants off of someone! PRICE: $ 24.88

Just for fun....! Not recommended for the elderly or those with a weak heart!

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