The Parajet Skycar

Diposting oleh rilexs-tech on Monday, 8 September 2008

The Parajet Skycar will be the first carbon neutral flying car in the world. The Parajet Skycar betweens a dune buggy and a paraglider. The Parajet Skycar powered by a biodiesel-modified Yamaha R1 1000cc motorcycle engine. The motor runs through a Continuously Variable Transmission either to power the rear wheels or to turn a large rear-facing propeller via a belt drive. It's capable of take-off from a field or airstrip in less than 200 metres. 

Should the engine fail, the pilot would simply glide down into the nearest field or strip of sandy desert. In the event of catastrophic wing failure, car connection system failure or mid-air collision, an emergency ballistic reserve parachute can be deployed.The prototype is expected to cost only UK£35,000, Cool!


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